Wednesday, February 24, 2016


A big "THANK YOU" (xiè xie) for all the help for Chinese New Year. 

We had over 1500 guests at our event.  

We could not have done it without you, so THANK YOU and get ready for 2017- The year of the Rooster!  

On February 20th 2016, Students from SCHS volunteered almost 400 hours to help host Chinese New Year and the SCHS Education Foundation Mardi Gras Event.  

 Amazing job, Raptors!! 

Capstone Project updates:  

Chi Sigma Sigma-  Calvin Madison continues to make a big impact on our community!  On Tuesday, February 16, 2016 Calvin was present at the Longmont Chamber of Commerce as "Maddy's Mighty Minion Day" proclamation was read in.    Calvin's group has been busy doing random acts of kindness this year in honor of Maddy Grayless, an 8 year old girl who died of cancer this past year.  Thank you Calvin for helping us remember Maddy and make a difference! 

THE KINDNESS CAMPAIGN- Joanna Dunne's project- The Kindness Campaign brought an excellent speaker to SCHS from the Lynda's Legacy organization.   Charlene shared the powerful story of Lynda, her high school best friend, whose valiant battle serves as an inspiration to be kind.   This event was presented to a full auditorium and was a great success!  Joanna is planning several follow up activities in the next couple of months.   Great job, Joanna!! 

Happening in MARCH: 

GEMS CAMP!  Join Senior Emily Atwood for her GEMS (Girls in Engineering, Math and Science) Camp here at SCHS.  This camp is for middle school girls and will be a great hands-on day! 

 For more information- check out Emily's facebook page: FACEBOOK GEMS DAY 
Registration forms are available on the facebook page.  

BRING HEROES HOME SAFE- BASEBALL TOURNEY!   Senior Sam Eggen is working with the Longmont Baseball Association to host a baseball tournament with funds going to the Wounded Warrior Project on March 12&13.  

Volunteers are needed to help with the running of the tourney / score keepers and other helpers.  Check out his volunteer facebook page: FACEBOOK BASEBALL TOURNEY

A DANCE OF A LIFETIME- Senior Hannah Shaner is hosting a special needs prom on Saturday, March 12 from 7-9pm at SCHS.  If you know high school students with special needs, get them to the PROM for an amazing night!  

For more information- check out her facebook page:  FACEBOOK PROM

SPOTLIGHT THEATER CAMP- Join Zoe Grolnick for two Saturday's of fun for the Spotlight Theater Camp for special needs students.    Saturday, 19th and 26th will be great days on the stage followed  by a performance on the 26th that is open to the public.  


ROCK THE VOTE- DEBATE!  Senior Mackenzie Hill is passionate about getting her peers registered to vote and learning more about the political system.  Join her at SCHS on Wednesday, March 30th for a great evening of lively discussion.   

Find out more


SC UNITY- Amanda Einig is working with an artist in residence to create art for the Silver Creek entrance.  She is collecting plastic lids for the project.   She needs lots more!  Collect and drop off in Ms. Adams office.

HEALTH FOR KUMARI-  Mohammed Aziz is working with the organization "Health and Ed 4 Nepal" to create first aid kits for the village of Kumari.  You can assist helping him purchase needed items for the first aid kids by making a donation here:

PEACE AND SERVICE FOR AFRICA-  Senior Elizabeth Willes is the President of this SCHS Club that is raising money to assist a young lady named Joy to complete Nursing school and make a difference in her community.  You can make a donation to this project here:

And get more information on their Facebook Page:  PSA FACEBOOK

FUNDING FOR FISH- Ryan Kol is looking to help end iron deficiency around the world, one fish at a time.  Ryan is raising money to purchase Iron Fish that help families get the needed iron in their system.  You can purchase fish to help others here: 

Learn more about the company Ryan supports here:


DAY OF CHAMPIONS-  The 4th annual Day of Champions is coming your way! Senior Katy Foster is working with SC Athletic Director Marty Tonjes to bring this day of sports and fun for special needs students to life.   Lots of volunteers needed and the more spectators our athletes have, the better!

Get more information on Day of Champions here:  DAY OF CHAMPIONS 2016

SCLA 5K - Join Senior Kasey Frankowski and the SCLA Junior Class to raise money for upcoming Capstone Projects! This 5K will be Saturday AM April 9 starting at SCHS.  Get registered now!

Click here: SCLA 5K Registration

Chip In for NYS-  Golfers!  Looking for a great day of golf while helping kids enjoy sports?  Support Adam Wager's golf tourney to support Niwot Youth Sports.   The Tourney is on Sunday, May 1st at Ute Creek Golf Course 8am Tee Time.  Get registered here:  Chip in for NYS Golf Tourney

More info on 
coming soon!  

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

February- Lots of events happening!

February is a busy month with the Silver Creek Leadership Academy! 

Ambassador Applications are open now and close on Feb, 11th at 5pm.  

Current 9th, 10th and 11th grade SCLA students can apply to be an ambassador.  
To be eligible: 
  • Ambassadors must have a minimum 3.5 GPA, 
  •  No disciplinary issues
  • Volunteered their 25 hours per year and have 
  • Nothing lower than a "B" in all SCLA classes.   
If you would like to be an ambassador but do not meet all the criteria, you can complete  your application and let Ms. Adams know your plan to fix the issues, or how you have fixed an earlier problem.   
The application is here:  Ambassador Application 2016

It is SCLA's turn to run the Concession Stand during the boys basketball game on Tuesday, Feb. 16.  We need a couple of parents and several students to work this evening.  RABC is a big supporter of ours, please help if you can!  Sign up on Track it Forward or here: Concession help 2/16


Senior Joanna Dunne is hosting her SCLA Capstone Project Presentation on Tuesday, Feb. 17th from 9-10:30 in the auditorium.  
Guest speaker, Charlene Moser, the founder of The Lyndia's Legacy Foundation will be speaking on National Random Acts of Kindness Day to encourage the students to make a difference.  
We would like all of the SCLA Students to attend if possible. 
 They will need to be excused from their 6th block class only after speaking to their teacher to get their approval.  

To attend the assembly:  

FEBRUARY 20th is NUTS!!  
Here is what is going on! 


Hello!  My name is Toni Pickett.  I am the mom of two Silver Creek students.  Both of my children have been involved with SCLA.  Carrie Adams was generous enough to allow me access to your SCLA email addresses so I could tout the benefits of a program I believe could help sophomore, junior, and senior young women and their mothers to traverse the college search, selection, and first year experience.  I am attaching the agenda for the program so you can determine if your family could benefit from this program.

This is an opportunity for all who attend to put the rest of the world out of their minds and focus on this one topic.  It will be fun, enlightening, and something you can do strictly for your own good!  This will be a chance for you to relax and find information that can reduce your stress related to college attendance. And, this program is also important for all of you that already have a student in college as so many aspects of the college search process are individual to each student.  There have been a number of changes over the past year in the college search process. (Changes to the SAT test, SVVSD utilizing the SAT beginning in 2017, changes in the FAFSA dates, and a change to what some colleges/universities are valuing in their admissions process, etc.).   I encourage all of you to consider attending.

 In order to register, you need only go to

You are also welcome to contact me with any questions.

Please do join us!

Toni Pickett

           CHINESE NEW YEAR!
It is the Year of the Monkey and we are ready to celebrate! SCLA is proud once again to help in hosting the Chinese New Year Celebration.  This event is free and open to the public and runs from 2-5pm on Saturday, Feb. 20th.  The performances start at 2pm sharp in the Big Gym. 

We are in need of MANY VOLUNTEERS to pull this event off.  Please go to your track it forward account to sign up or sign up here!  Chinese New Year Volunteers 

Mardi Gras 

The SCHS Education Foundation raises money for our students, classrooms, and teachers.  One of the ways they do this is by having a yearly online silent auction.  There is NO FEE, just provide an email address, to browse and bid! 

You can do all this from the convenience of your homes or personal device.  

The online silent auction is live! 
  More items are being added daily.
Go to  to start your bidding or browsing.  If you decide you'd like to bid on a item, it's as easy as clicking on the item & the website sends you an email letting you know if you are the leading bidder and when/if someone outbids you.  If someone outbids you, the site will then ask you if you'd like to rebid.  It's as easy as that and so much FUN!!!   When the auction ends at noon on Feb 27th, you will be sent an email from the auction site on which items you have been awarded.  You may pay at this site with credit card, pay pal, or when you pick up your items on March 2nd with cash or check. 

ADULT Mardi Gras Party on February 20th at the Best Western Event Center at 1850 Industrial Circle, Longmont (near the House of Q) Go to   for tickets and more information.
The whole evening is about Fun, Food, Live Music, and amazing silent and live auction items to bid on. Live music provided by our own SCHS jazz band and Mr Ottem's band I and the Many. 
Cost is $45 per person. 
Mardi Gras also needs student volunteers for set up and clean up.  You can volunteer here: Mardi Gras Volunteers 
Parent Teacher Conference Dinner 
We are in need of some assistance providing dinner for parent / teacher conference on Thursday, Feb. 25th. We are doing soup / salad and sandwiches.  You can sign up here:  PT Dinner   THANK YOU for supporting our staff and providing yummy food!  

We have an opportunity to take a small group of students to Washington DC for the next presidential Inauguration.  If you are interested in learning more, fill out this form and info will be emailed to you.  SCLA Inauguration Trip