Thursday, October 24, 2013

Volunteer Opportunities!

There is an event to donate clothing to women who have been affected  by the flood.  Contact Ms. Adams for details- it will be this Saturday, Oct. 26th. 


 We only have 2 more home football games on the schedule (unless we get a playoff game) & we are in need of many more volunteers!!!
THIS FRIDAY- OCT. 25th    8:30-close shift (approx. 10:00pm departure time)
THURSDAY, OCT. 31st- HALLOWEEN and yes, you can dress up.   

Sign up on the RABC site. 

Looking to volunteer? 
We have a couple of opportunities!!! 
Check out sign up sheets on Ms. Adams door.  

Thanks for your help in the community.  It is truly appreciated in so many ways and by so many people.  

Help plant tulips in the front SCHS sign flowerbed this Saturday.  Shout out to the Sartor Family in SCLA 9 for helping so much with this project.  It will be beautiful to see the front sign area this spring thanks to their donations and hard work. Time TBA.  

The Sweet Taste of Longmont-  
The Inn Between is hosting it's annual fundraiser and needs assistance with the silent auction and helping with registration and food.   Saturday, Oct. 26 4-9pm at the Plaza Convention Center.  Black pants, or skirts, with white shirts please.  

Trick or Treat Street at SCHS- 
SCHS Student Senate is hosting trick or treat street at SCHS from 5-7pm on Sat. Oct. 26th.   SCLA needs two people to have treats for the kids that come to visit.  You are responsible for your own table and bringing candy.  

Longmont Estates Fall Festival- 
The festival is this Saturday, October 26th from 1:00 to 4:00 pm. 
Volunteers are still need to help with Games, Food Sales, Floaters (miscellaneous help), Trick or Treat Street, as well as set up and clean up.  Below is the link to the Fall Festival Volunteer form online.  Please scroll down to see the entire list and add your name to the area you would like to help with. go/10C0C4BABAB2BABFA7-leefall


We only have 2 more home football games on the schedule (unless we get a playoff game) & we are in need of many more volunteers!!!
We need at least 6 more volunteers to work  
          THIS FRIDAY- OCT. 25th    8:30-close shift (approx. 10:00pm departure time). It is easy, it is fun! 
THURSDAY, OCT. 31st- HALLOWEEN and yes, you can dress up.   Sign up on the RABC site.  
 And one coming up in November:  


RMCC is hosting an event for volunteers that assisted with the flood.  They are in need of volunteers to work this event.  November 14th 4:30-9pm 
Email Gwen Stouder

A couple of job opportunities:  

On occasion members of the community reach out to us asking for students for jobs.  We do not know these individuals personally, so we ask you to do your due diligence in following up with on these and make sure as parents, you are comfortable with arrangements and have met the individuals that are hiring your student.  

 We are just providing information for you.  
           Contact Ms. Adams if you  are interested and she will give you contact info.

*Caretaker for 13 year old boy:
Boy needs ride home from school 4-5 days per week, 12-16 hours weekly.  Pick up at 3:15 and stay until around 6:45. Duties include homework supervision and assisting (tutoring)- supervision while he has a snack, plays video games or practices his saxophone.    Light housekeeping and some cooking would  be very helpful.   A good friend and a positive role model for this 8th grade young man would be appreciated.  $10 per hour.  

* Looking for Energetic sitter for 7&8 year old boys:
          2 days per week from 3:30-7:15pm.   Pick up from school, provide rides to after school             activities,  help with homework, and providing dinner.  Call Heather at 720-244-7675. 

for his work bringing VANS to Longmont to help flood victims.  

For more on that story, go to  

Thank you for all you do! 
For any questions or to sign up for anything- email me. 

Ms. Adams        

Sunday, October 6, 2013



That also means it's time for SCLA to provide dinner to the staff. 
We are hosting Italian night on Wednesday, Oct. 9th.  

Use this link to sign up:

Items can be dropped off Wednesday AM at SCHS, 
delivered to the school by 2:15pm