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October Adventures in Leadership

October Adventures in Leadership 

Silver Creek recently lost one of our students to suicide.   
 If you are struggling, please reach out to someone!  Help take care of each other, Raptor Family! 

 Parents- Here are some thoughts when dealing with tragedy and how to support your student.  

  • Encourage your child to talk about their feelings
  • Be aware of excessive and often inaccurate information posted on social media
  • Specifically discuss ways to feel better when we are sad or scared, such as talking to family members and friends, writing and drawing pictures of our feelings, etc.
  • Validate your child’s feelings. In trauma situations all feelings are acceptable
  • Actively listen to your child, however refrain from trying to rationalize the death
  • Help children clear up misconceptions
  • Arrange support for yourself and your family as necessary
  • Affirm your child’s ability to cope and heal
  • Additional information on helping teens cope with trauma is attached

If your child needs additional support please contact the school so they can visit with a counselor. If your student is experiencing unusual distress during the evening or weekend hours, the following resources are available:
  • Mental Health Partners (Boulder County), 303-447-1665
  • North Range Behavioral Health 24hr Support (Weld County), 970-347-2120
  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, 800-273-TALK (8255)
  • Tru Hospice Services (All Counties), 877-986-4766
  • Walkin Crisis Center - 3180 Airport Road Boulder, CO 80301


Thank you to the amazing SCLA Families who brought food for Parent / Teacher Conference Dinners last week.  Again,  our parents hit it out of the park with a ton of fabulous food!  Thank you for brightening the teacher's day!

Thank you!!

Amy Aleksiev, Hanne Vangsgaard, Stacey James, Amanda James-Roxby, Michelle Burns, Jill Giles, Heidi Colburn, Edie Lilly, Sue Weygandt,  Emelie Torres, Tiffany Bernstein, Marcie Kunz, Sheryl Miller, Debbie Nelson,  Suzanne Zens,  Dana Talusani, Patricia Bedell, Kimberley Ridings, Linda Krichel, Andrea Brening, Caren Bandi, Deb Massey, Sara Hinkin, Shelly Knight, Carrie Kuehl,  Tracey Notario,  Jessica Shaffer, Josie Vigil, Tina Fredo,  Chris Medrano, Natalya Nazarenko,  Mea French, Heather Taylor-Oatley, Robin Schaten,  David Williams,  Karen O'Donoghue, Ted Krings

Dancing with the Silver Creek Stars 
Saturday, November 12, 2016 
Pacific Event Center in Longmont.

Reaching out for donations of baskets for the Silent Auction

Remember when SCLA submits a basket for auction, SCLA will receive 100% profit from the sale of your items!  

We have seen some amazing, fun and creative baskets at our previous auctions and are looking forward to seeing what awesome creations you will have this season to make this annual event even better!

The deadline to submit your group's basket is Monday, November 7th. Please do everything you can to respect this date as there is a lot of preparation that goes into the auction, once I receive your basket.

When submitting your basket, Include a short description of what's included, your starting requested bid dollar amount and the total retail prize value of the basket.  
Drop off Baskets at SCHS in Ms. Adams office- or message her for details on what other locations are available to drop off.

Thank you in advance for your participation in this terrific Silent Auction and Dancing with the Silver Creek Stars evening!  

Child care will be provided by SCLA Senior James Schultz and his "Kids Night Out" project. Dinner, snacks, activities, games and movies are provided for your child. Normally the cost for KNO is $10 per child with the donations going to local non-profits around the community. For Dancing with the Stars, your child can attend for free, just show us your ticket when checking your child in.

11th Grade Mini Capstone Projects

Julie Forbes SCLA 11th graders are busy with their small projects test-driving what goes into a Capstone Project. There are several opportunities to volunteer or donate items! Please support our Juniors if you can!

A Chance To Dance:
The Silver Creek Leadership Academy is hosting fall dance for special needs students from around the district. Drinks and snacks will be provided, along with fun and games! We are giving special needs students the opportunity to experience a safe and enjoyable school dance, and this is going on November 5th from 5-6:30. We need volunteers to help decorate and supervise the students. Pizza will be provided for volunteers. Donations, such as party drinks and snacks, and decorations would be greatly appreciated. You can RSVP to volunteer by emailing or donate to Ms. Adams by November 1st.

Teacher Appreciation:
What is it?
A project made to give back to the teachers of Altona Middle School and Silver Creek HIgh School. We made cards thanking the teachers of Altona and provided treats and handwritten notes from past students. We hope to carry this over to the teachers of Silver Creek and provide baked goods to each department.

Who are we helping?
The teachers at Altona and Silver Creek and local bakeries by getting their name out within the school community.

When is it?
We delivered our appreciation to Altona Middle School on Wednesday, October 12th. We hope to have everything we need for Silver Creek by the end of November.

What do we need?
We need handwritten notes to teachers that you appreciate in the Silver Creek community. We will be going around the classes collecting these. You can email us anything you’d like to say to your teachers as well. Send the name of your teacher and what you liked about them and your name (optional) to

Helping Hands Kids Event
This is an event hosted by SCLA for elementary school students K-5, where they will be able to participate in community service. We will be helping animal hospitals, sewing blankets, writing nice cards, and more. The event will be on November 5th from 1-4:00 at Blue Mountain’s Gym/Cafeteria and cost $5 per kid. We are needing donations to help pay for supplies and things to help the kids. We will take socks, cereal, and monetary donations. You can take all donations to Mrs. Forbes’ Room (E101). If you have a kid you want to sign up, you can sign up at

Longmont Humane Society Education
For this project, we will visit the three fifth grade classrooms of Niwot Elementary.  A slideshow will be presented informing the students of the importance of the Longmont Humane Society, as well as the volunteer opportunities available to them now and in the future.  Information will be presented in a fun and informative way, in order to keep hold of the student’s attention, while also providing them with necessary information.  Our goal is to leave the school with the students knowing not only the purpose of the organization itself, but also having a developed view of the Humane Society, and wanting to help out.  

Military Care Packages:
Help support our military overseas! Donate toothpaste, toothbrushes, other toiletries, non-perishable foods, Ramen, protein bars, CDs and playing cards.  Donations are accepted in Room E101. We are creating care packages for Corporal Luke S. Allen in the U. S. Marines and his platoon stationed in Kuwait as our mini-capstone project. This is a small donation and we could use as much as possible. The last day to donate is November 4th. Email with any questions. Link to flyers: Military Flyer


Helping the House of Peace
Colista Bird and Riley Hinklin’s Mini Capstone Project is helping Casa de Paz, or House of Peace. Casa de Paz is a valuable resource for people dealing with immigration and the deportation system. This non-profit gives immigrants and their families a warm meal, place to sleep, and a helping hand. They are helping the organization by collecting some things they need to help people most effectively. These items are paper towels and disposable plates, cups, and silverware. They are collecting these items at school and will be going to a nearby neighborhood on October 22nd and November 12th to collect items door to door. If you would like to help, please bring supplies to Ms. Forbes classroom (E101) in Silver Creek or send these supplies in with your student(s). View the flyer here.

Entrepreneurship for Students
Our goal is to educate middle schoolers about how to make money. The normal way that middle schoolers earn money is through their parents by either allowance or birthday and holiday money. We want to educate them on how to make money outside of these conventional methods by creating their own small business with manageable tasks for their age. This could include anything from babysitting to lawn care, these methods will teach them responsibility, communication, and critical and creative thinking. Teaching middle schoolers these values will lead them to success later in life, whether that is owning their own business or becoming a part of SCLA in high school.

SCLA 10th graders Cultural Field Trips

Jamie Vigil's SCLA 10th graders had a chance to experience foods from other cultures this past week- Breakfast at Cheese Importers and Lunch at Everest Restaurant. Thanks to our parent drivers for making this work!

Our Everest Lunch 

Our Friends share some music from Nepal 

Enjoying European Style Beverages 

The Breakfast Buffet

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