Monday, June 24, 2013

Happy Summer!!

Ahhhh! Summer!!! 

We are still busy at work with SCLA to prepare for the next year of great students and amazing work that needs to be accomplished! A few summer updates for you!

Help this week!!

As members of RABC we are encouraged to provide a gift basket for customer appreciation night at the Bingo Alley.  Bingo is a big money maker for RABC.
We are doing a "Movie Night" basket for SCLA, and I am seeking donations of items to assist in creating this basket.
You may drop off the following at SCHS this week ( Monday-Thursday June 23-27) anytime between 9-2 in the main office.  Please make sure it says SCLA on the bag or item. 
We are in need of:
New DVD's
Microwave popcorn
Movie Theater Candy
Movie Gift Cards
Anything else you think would be fun to have in a movie themed gift basket.


We are so excited to have you in the fall and look forward to an amazing year with your Capstone Projects.  I have met with Mrs. Kohn  and Mr. Finnestead and we are working to  fine tune the process and look for ways to help you be more successful with your projects.

That being said, your projects are all still under review.  Some may not get final approval or may still require additional information prior to approval.  Some two person projects are under review as there is a concern that the project scope is not large enough to warrant two people working on it all year.   It might be good to consider some other ideas as back up plans in the event your project is not approved.

Another possibility is that you have changed your mind and found something during the summer that is more interesting to you and you would like to do another project.  Gather information so that you can present that to us in the fall.

You will be given time in the fall to work on new ideas or fine tune your current ideas, so don't panic!
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me via email anytime this summer.

Also, many of you are beginning you college applications.  Please do not forget to include SCLA on your resume or consider using some of the events you have done to write your essays.   For example, being an integral part of planning a leadership evening for elementary school students can be a great essay.   I am also happy to write letters of recommendation for you if needed.  Use SCLA to the fullest to help you achieve your goals. That is why we exist!!

SCLA Wish List 

A large part of SCLA is experiential learning.  Having these items donated is a way to us to keep costs down while allowing our students hands on opportunities.  THANK YOU for anything you might be able to donate.  

  • Duct tape
  • masking tape
  • scotch tape
  • construction paper
  • generic thank you cards
  • pens
  • pencils
  • markers
  • crayons
  • colored pencils
  • zip lock bags- all sizes
  • spaghetti
  • marshmallows
  • playing cards
  • bags of balloons- all sizes
  • ping pong balls
  • playing cards
  • 2x4’s
  • nails
  • screws
  • plastic storage buckets - all sizes with lids
  • bungee cords -all sizes
  • hula hoops
  • bubbles
  • marbles
  • PVC pipe
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Puzzles- all peice sizes
  • Tin foil
  • Kites - cheap, in packages
  • plastic cups - all sizes
  • plastic silverware - forks, knives, and spoons
  • napkins
  • paper plates
  • paper towels
  • pocket size notebooks
  • rubber chickens
  • beach balls
  • poster paint
  • poster board
  • Parachutes
  • Orange cones
  • paper clips
  • leadership books new and used- any authors.
  • scissors
  • Dry Erase markers / erasers
  • bookshelves
  • cabinets
  • label maker
  • tennis balls
  • glue sticks / elmers
  • rubber bands
  • play dough
  • toothpicks
  • Plastic Tubs
  • Sharpies
  • whistles
  • yarn
  • popsicle sticks
  • cotton balls
  • puff balls
  • 4 500 piece puzzles (same puzzle; preferably Melissa & Doug or Ravensburger)


Looking for somewhere to help out this summer?  Check out the info on our website. If you know of volunteer opportunities, share them with me! 

SCLA Volunteers  


Mark these dates down! 

Ambassadors Meeting:  Thursday, July 11 9-12.  Retreat workshop, E wing cleaning and weed pulling around the flag pole.    Food provided.  

SCLA 9th grade retreat- August 7-8.  

SCLA Pool Party- Monday, August 26th 7-9pm $10 per family. Say goodbye to summer and kick off a great year in SCLA.  
9th graders- Main dish to share 
10th graders- Dessert to share 
11th graders- Bottled water, soda or gatorade to share 
12th graders - Side dish to share