Thursday, September 26, 2013

Thank you SCLAers!

On the back of SCLA 2013 graduate Trenton Hoshiko's tee shirts he created as a fundraiser for flood victims it says, "When the waters rise, Colorado rises too."  That certainly has been the case as we have dealt with this flood.  Each of your efforts, whether big or small, have contributed to helping ease someone's suffering.  Thank you for your leadership.

Thank you for taking our BIG SIX leadership skills of


to work in real life.  I have received so many compliments on so many of you.  Your commitment to the  community is outstanding.  Thank you for showing what the Silver Creek Leadership Academy is really all about.

Here are links to some of our articles: 

SVVSD students used time off wisely 

Volunteers making a difference 
When needed most

SCHS students help with OUR Center Drive at the Longmont Airport
Airport Link

Trenton Hoshiko radio interview: 

Purchase a Colorado Flood T-shirt 

We would like to encourage you to share your flood stories.  Did you volunteer? What did you do? Where were you? What "stories" did you hear?  Was your family affected? Write your short story and include a picture of you working in the flood if you have one, if not, include a photo of you. We hope to put the stories of the flood all around the school to celebrate our Raptor Spirit.  Encourage ALL your friends to write- this is not just an SCLA thing..... Its a Silver Creek thing...



Back to work!


Saturday Sept. 28th 3-5pm & 5-7pm- Assist with child care at the Disaster Recovery Center at the Longmont Mall.  Sign up on Ms. Adams door. 

SCLA Homecoming Float- We need a flatbed trailer and driver for the homecoming parade!  If you have this item and are willing to drive during the homecoming parade on Friday, Oct. 4th contact Ms. Adams   If you would like to help decorate the float and be on the float- sign up on Ms. Adams door.

Parent / Teacher Conference Dinners- SCLA is responsible for dinner on WED. OCT. 9th for the SCHS staff during P/T conference time.  Our theme is Italian night.  Sign up to bring food here:
 Parent Teacher Conference Dinner signup  If anyone is able to chair this project that would  be appreciated.  Contact Ms. Adams. 

Concessions- We are still in need of help covering concessions slots.  This creates some income for SCLA so it is a great volunteer opportunity.  This year, there are student slots to fill!  Check out the sign-up sheet and donate a couple hours of your time!     Concessions sign up

Bingo- Some of you are supportive of Bingo as a fundraiser and some of you are not.  I respect all sides of that discussion.  If you would like to volunteer your time working Bingo SCLA puts our portion of the funds to good use.    Bingo Signups

City Council Debates- Monday, Oct. 7th Plaza Convention Center- Volunteer slots are between 4:30-8:30pm.  Contact Maddie Toretto at for more information or sign up on Ms. Adams door.  Maddie's Senior Capstone Project is working with the Longmont Chamber of Commerce putting on events like this.  Please support her!

OUR Center-  The OUR Center is in need of volunteers to help sort all the recent donated items.  Contact  Jennifer by emailing or calling 303-772-5529 ext 235.

Remember to keep track of who your volunteer for and your hours.  
While we are not "clock watchers" we do like to report back on our efforts to assist the community.

BOOKS BOOKS BOOKS!  Donate your gently used children's books!  We are adopting Tennyson Knolls Elementary School in Arvada helping them with organizing their classroom books. They need more books!  Picture books, easy readers, easy chapter books, anything for elementary school students.  We are also starting a fund to purchase each student a new book of their own, that SCLA students will write messages about how important learning is for these awesome youngsters.  Drop books off at Ms. Adams office.

1500 Tiny Houses- Mrs. Giese is working with SCHS students to create 1500 clay miniature houses to show the impact of the flood in our world.  Our students are creating these tiny houses and then we will sell them at a silent auction during parent / teacher conferences.   They can be used as key rings, Christmas ornaments, or anything you like.  Watch for more information as for our fundraiser to assist those dealing with issues caused by the floods.  


Senior Capstone Project Updates! 

Adopt a Grandparent-  Senior Hannah Brague is working with a local retirement home creating "adopted grandparents" for you to get to know and enjoy time with them.  Come to an informational meeting on FRIDAY, Sept. 27 2:30 in the IMC at SCHS.  Sometimes your time is the best gift of all.

Live Stream Events at SCHS- Erika Price and Corinne Novak are busily working to bring you live streamed events at Silver Creek HS.  Do grandparents live out of state but want to watch the volleyball game? Now they can!  Check out the site and watch for upcoming events!

Doug Palmer is working hard on his TEDx Application.  Mrs. Kohn has been working with him to fill all of the necessary paperwork and items to host this great event.

Are you a golfer? Andrew Rademacher-Howe and Dalton Haase are working on golf tourneys this spring.  Get your foursome ready to play some golf!

G.E.M.S- (Girls in Engineering, Math and Science) Jackie Reh is working hard on this exciting day to introduce young women to G.E.M.S!   If this is your area of expertise, join in!

FBLA- Surprisingly enough, SCHS does not have an FLBA club.  Claire McCoy is working to change that!  Talk to her, or Mr. Tesone to join in.

The Talon Tribune-  The SCHS school newspaper was forced to end last year.  It will take a lot of work to get the paper back on it's feet- but Charles Sigworth and  Erik Sargent are ready for the challenge!

Would you like to be a Senior Capstone Project Sponsor? 

Your financial support helps our projects go from good to great! 
We also need your expertise as a guest speaker, give a tour of your workplace, or any other ideas you may have to assist. or seniors with their projects.  

Contact Lauren Kohn at for more information on all of the projects or to find out how you can support our students.  

Monday, September 16, 2013

Flood 2013

Letter to SCLA from Program Coordinator Carrie Adams. 


I just wanted to send a note around to check in with all our SCLA families.  I know some of you have not had any damage at all from the recent floods and others of you have lost everything.  To those of you in the latter category, My thoughts and prayers go out to you.  
Now is the time for us to pull together and help one another as we rise up.  Events like this are great opportunities for us to lend a hand and be the leaders our community needs.  I love to hear the stories of our SCLA students and families volunteering their time, talent and donating their money to helping.  We truly are RAPTOR STRONG.  
While we are aware of many of you I would like for each of you to shoot a quick email back to me and let me know your family status.  For some of our families they may not even get this email. If you are aware of a family that has suffered a loss in this flood please share with me.  We want to help.  
While I can't fix everything, SCLA can assist in many ways.   Many of you have been helping with clean-up around the town.  I thank you for your time doing truly, the dirty work.  Please be safe and follow safety procedures including wearing masks, gloves and other protective items.  
Some other ways to help: 
  • SCLA is collecting gift cards to grocery stores, Target, Walmart, gas stations and other stores to help our families that are in need.  
  • Laundry- we have volunteers who are ready to pick up your laundry, do it and deliver it back to you. 
  • Babysitting- cleaning up with little ones around is tough to do! 
  • Lunch for your crew- We have people working on sack lunches that we can deliver to your site to feed the hungry workers.  
Those are just a few quick items that the SCLA family is doing to help each other.  Do you have other ideas or needs? Let me know.  
Again, please contact me via email.  We want to help in anyway we can.  Together we will rebuild and be stronger.   

 If you can help with any of the above items please contact me as well.  

Take care, 
Carrie Adams 

Monday, September 9, 2013

Great things going on!

~Thank you to all who attended the SCLA Pool Party~
We had great food and a great time and are 
looking forward to another one next fall! 

We had a great article in the Longmont Times Call and the Boulder Daily Camera recently!  
Check out the link to the article here: 
SCLA Senior Capstone Project Article

Would you like to volunteer for a great organization?
The Inn Between needs your help!
Saturday, Sept. 21 @ 5:30pm  is the Inn Between's TASTE OF LONGMONT Fundraiser.
SCLAers are needed for various volunteer positions.
Sign up at:

Inn Between Volunteer SignUps

We are in need of a trailer for homecoming for the SCLA Float.  If you are able to help us with that please let Ms. Adams know.  

Concessions dates-  Still have a few dates that we need help covering.  These dates are for adult volunteers, however, there are also slots for students to help and get volunteer hours!   Do you have time on these dates? 
9/13 Boys football - Varsity at Lyons HS 6:45-8:45 

9/24 Girls Volleyball 4:30-6:30 

10/10 Girls volleyball 4:30-6:30 

To sign up for these dates, go to this link: Fall Concessions Sign Up
and SCLA is holding a space on these dates.  

Join us for the first annual CREEK COOKOFF!  Coming on homecoming week, Wed. Oct. 2nd 6-8pm.  Do you make the best chili around? Time to share it with the world!   This will be a great family event for ALL of Silver Creek. More details coming soon! 

Parent / Teacher Conference Dinner-  SCLA provides dinner for the staff during one of the evenings of P/T Conference.  We have ITALIAN NIGHT on WED. OCT. 9th.  Sign up on this link  Parent / Teacher Conference Signups  THANK YOU! 

Shout Out to the SCLA 9th graders who have taken on cleaning up the front SCHS sign at the front of the school.  Several students volunteered time on Saturday to clean up and help.  Making a difference is who we are and what we do at Silver Creek HS.  

Would you be interested in traveling to Mexico or Japan during the summer of 2014? 
The Longmont Sister Cities program is taking applications.  
This is a great leadership experience! 
Get more information here: 
Sister Cities