Thursday, May 31, 2012

Happy Summer!!!


What a year!  Can't believe it has flown by so quickly.  Exciting news that we will have SENIORS in our program next fall!  We are looking forward to numbers around 250 SCLA students. 

Please take a minute to remember that you are always representing SCLA.  Let your actions please put forth the image of who we really are.  Be responsible this summer and please be safe! 

A few quick notes:

Ambassador meeting
 SCHS on Wed. June 6th from 9-12.  Meet in main office conference room and we will break into groups from there.  Please let Ms. A know if you can not attend. 

SCLA 9th grade retreat!  
AUG 1-2!
Deposits due.  $50 or entire amount of $80. 
You can drop off at SCHS, or email Ms Adams at on how you can get the payment to her. 

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