Monday, September 16, 2013

Flood 2013

Letter to SCLA from Program Coordinator Carrie Adams. 


I just wanted to send a note around to check in with all our SCLA families.  I know some of you have not had any damage at all from the recent floods and others of you have lost everything.  To those of you in the latter category, My thoughts and prayers go out to you.  
Now is the time for us to pull together and help one another as we rise up.  Events like this are great opportunities for us to lend a hand and be the leaders our community needs.  I love to hear the stories of our SCLA students and families volunteering their time, talent and donating their money to helping.  We truly are RAPTOR STRONG.  
While we are aware of many of you I would like for each of you to shoot a quick email back to me and let me know your family status.  For some of our families they may not even get this email. If you are aware of a family that has suffered a loss in this flood please share with me.  We want to help.  
While I can't fix everything, SCLA can assist in many ways.   Many of you have been helping with clean-up around the town.  I thank you for your time doing truly, the dirty work.  Please be safe and follow safety procedures including wearing masks, gloves and other protective items.  
Some other ways to help: 
  • SCLA is collecting gift cards to grocery stores, Target, Walmart, gas stations and other stores to help our families that are in need.  
  • Laundry- we have volunteers who are ready to pick up your laundry, do it and deliver it back to you. 
  • Babysitting- cleaning up with little ones around is tough to do! 
  • Lunch for your crew- We have people working on sack lunches that we can deliver to your site to feed the hungry workers.  
Those are just a few quick items that the SCLA family is doing to help each other.  Do you have other ideas or needs? Let me know.  
Again, please contact me via email.  We want to help in anyway we can.  Together we will rebuild and be stronger.   

 If you can help with any of the above items please contact me as well.  

Take care, 
Carrie Adams 

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