Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Back to school! 

Welcome back SCLAers and welcome to the program Class of 2020! We look forward to another successful year of leadership learning with over 300 of you.   


A great time was has up at the YMCA Snow Mountain with our incoming freshmen! A big THANK YOU to our Ambassadors who worked incredibly hard to make this event a success.  

2016-2017 Ambassadors: 

12th grade

Kailla Sam
Gigi Notario
Vishal Ravi
Ben Smith
Madison Williams
Emily Millican
Katie Emberley

11th Grade

Sam Nolledo
Austin Leech
Maddie Karr
Parker Nicholas
Jacob Boettcher
Kimmie Fung
Delaney Tureson
Connor Hansen
Emma Lilly
Evans Etcheverry
Chris Medrano
AJ Rodriquez


Caleb Blichfeldt
Katie Nelson
Coltan Grabau
Emma Gibbs
David Lopez

If you are interested in becoming an ambassador for the next school year, applications will begin in February 2017.


Thank you to our amazing host families who helped take care of 23 visitors from China recently for 9 days!  Without these families we would not have been able to accomplish all that was done.  We certainly have incredible families at our school.   Thank you to the following students and their families! 

  • Kira and Sofia Bantowsky
  • Aaron and Lee-Ann Kuckuk
  • Grace and Jake McCaffrey
  • Elias and McKinley Coppock
  • Megan and Ben Nuefeld
  • Austin and Madison Stouder
  • Kaitlyn and Gregory James
  • Jonah and Janae Booth
  • Maddie Karr
  • Logan Trujillo
  • Jack Roper
  • Aiden Abram
Also thanks to Altona teacher Kaarina Demers and A-Pal member Lily Pan for hosting the adults from China.

We had a great article in the Longmont Times-call. In case you missed it:

SCLA Host Families picking up their student at Denver International Airport 


SCLA is looking for a Parent Rep for the Booster Club.  We are grateful for our association with Booster Club- they help out our program so much!  Your responsibilities would include monthly RABC meeting (Last Monday of the month 6:30pm at SCHS) and to assist me in making sure we have our RABC responsibilities met.   If you are interested- email me! 

Homecoming 2016 Friday, September 9th 

Homecoming is coming up quickly!  SCLA is responsible for running the concession stand for part of the game that night.   We need 10 volunteers from 6:15-8:15pm.  We would prefer adults work this game, but students are welcome to help. It is a really busy two hours, but it can be a lot of fun! If you can volunteer- sign up here: Homecoming Concession stand volunteer

Help send 3-5th graders 
from Tennyson Knolls Elementary School to Ameritowne!  

Students at Tennyson Knolls Elementary in Arvada are trying to raise money to send their 3-5th graders to Ameritowne to give them a solid foundation for working with money.   The SCLA Ambassadors  are working for each SCLA student to "adopt" a brother or sister and send them a note of encouragement and assist them financially to attend Ameritowne.  Your student will be bringing home information on this soon. You can offer additional funds here:  Ameritowne

Prudential Spirit of Community Awards: Deadline for Application- 
November 9th 2016 

Calling all student volunteers! Apply for this award, possible scholarships and a trip! Information has been posted on TrackItForward, our volunteer site.   Here is also the link:  Spirit of community award

Parent / Teacher Conference Dinner 

Each year, SCLA hosts dinner for the teachers and staff during Parent / Teacher Conferences.  This year, our date is WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 12th.   If you can help by bringing something for dinner- please sign up here:  Parent Teacher Conference Dinner


Ready for adventure?  I know I am!  Take a look at what we are planning for SCLA travels in the next three years!  Parents are invited to join us, just be aware the trips are fast paced!  

JUNE 2017- Nicaragua & Costa Rica- The ultimate 9 day adventure / Culture /Service  trip!  Zip-lining, kayaking, snorkeling,  volcanos and waterfalls- and amazing (and SAFE) tour of Granada, Nicaragua visiting historic sites and boat tour of Lake Nicaragua.   We will bring school supplies to a small village school as well.  To get more information, or to sign up for this trip:   Costa Rica 2017

JUNE 2018- European Horizons- Catch many of the great cities on this 17 day extravaganza! Ms. Adams and Ms. Whiteley are working together to bring you this incredible trip. London, Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, and more!  To get more information or to sign up for this trip:  Europe 2018

JUNE 2019- Russian Rhapsody -  The trip of a lifetime to Moscow see the Kremlin, Red Square, off to St. Petersburg to see Winter Palace and more, then a quick stop to Helsinki, Finland!  This trip is not "officially" open yet, but when it is, we will share the link with you. 

CHINA- With the visit of our friends from the JiuJiang Language School we are working to have a trip to China in the next couple of years that would include some of the great sites of China and then spending some time with host families from our sister school in JiuJiang. If you are interested in this, please email Ms. Adams.  


Do you have your TrackItForward up to date?  Make sure you are posting your volunteer hours. You need 25 per year.  Be sure to check your email as you will be notified when new volunteer opportunities happen!   Right now there are several events coming up in the next month that need your help!   Make a difference in your community, be a leader and volunteer!  

Keep up to date with SCLA- 
Follow us on Twitter:  https://twitter.com/SilverCreekLA
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/silvercreekleadershipacademy/?fref=ts

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