Monday, September 26, 2016

Wrapping up September

Wrapping up September 

Hard to believe the month of September is almost over!  It's been a great month at school!  

Here is a look at what is going on in SCLA. 

USAFA Cadets 

This past weekend SCLA families were able to provide housing for US Air Force Academy Cadets visiting Longmont to compete in the Triathlon.  THANK YOU SCLA parents for responding so quickly - we had more families than we needed.  Shoutout to SCLA Alum parent Lorraine Kirkland for organizing this.  Her daughter Jamie is currently attending the Air Force Academy.  

Thank you for living leadership in your homes!  

Thank you to the: 

 Bond Family, Vandiver Family, Burns Family, Koefgen Family, Moroney Family, Mendoza Family, Emberley Family. Gapter Family, Guillen Family, Fenderson Family,  Hopewell Family, Bennett Family,  Iasela Family, Williams Family, Grant Family, Bisby-Hirman Family, and the Schulte Family.  

USAFA Cadets enjoying dinner in Longmont 

Augustana University Scholarship
SCLA Students 

On Thursday and Friday September 29 & 30th Madeleine Ellis from Augustana University in Sioux Falls, South Dakota will be speaking to SCLA juniors and seniors about the unique scholarship for SCLA students.  

 If you complete four years of SCLA, successfully complete your Capstone Project, get a 25 on your ACT and have a 3.5 GPA you can get a minimum scholarship of $12.500 per year.  

If you are a junior and not in SCLA this semester, message Ms. Adams and she can arrange a meeting time for you.

 It's exciting when Universities are seeing the skills SCLA students have that sets them a part from their peers! 

 We have two SCLA alum currently at Augustana, Mitch Webster and Katy Foster.  

Do you know a student who has been affected by cancer?  The volleyball team would like to recognize their challenges and let them know they are not alone.

A night at the volleyball game with recognition, free admission and dinner from the concession stand are included in this special night.

Let's fill the stands to support these amazing young people on Thursday, October 13th at 5:30pm.

Message Ms. Adams if you know a student who should  be recognized. 

SCLA Families are providing dinner for the staff during Parent / Teacher Conferences on Wednesday, October 12th.  The staff appreciates having a break in conferences to come down and grab a bite to eat, and they love SCLA night because our parents bring great (and lots) of good food!  Sign up here to bring something.  


Click Here: 

SCLAers work hard to make a difference in our community!  One of the great organizations we work with is MEALS ON WHEELS. 

 This holiday season, SCLAers are putting together 300 warm drink goodie bags together and we need your help to collect items.    

We are looking for hot cocoa packets, hot cider packets and hot tea bags.   

If you can make a donation sign up here:  MEALS ON WHEELS SIGNUPS  

Help us reach 4500!  

Colorado Friendship is a great organization that helps families in our community.  We have partnered with them this year to provide 500 ziplock bags of cereal each month to put into their "IncrEdibles" backpacks.  We hope to make 4500 cereal bags this  year!  These backpacks go home with students to assure they have enough food to get through the weekend.   

We have assigned this project out to spread it around our SCLA classes.  We are asking the students in those classes to bring a box or two of sugar free cereal (Cheerios, Rice Chex, Etc.) We can always use additional cereal boxes!  If you would like to donate, please have your student drop off cereal at Ms. Adams office.  

Here are the monthly assignments: 

September- SCLA 11
October - SCLA 9- Lathrop 
November- SCLA 9- Defilippo 
December- SCLA Ambassadors 
January- SCLA 12 
February- SCLA 11
March- SCLA 10 
April- SCLA 9- Defilippo 
May- SCLA 9- Lathrop 

SCLA 11th graders putting cereal bags together for Colorado Friendship 


Help our junior class prepare for the future by conducting Mock Interviews.  

Monday, November 7th from 1-2:30pm 

business leaders are invited to join us to interview small groups of students.  

Sign up here if you are interested in helping that afternoon: 


Prices go up on October 1st! 

Lock in a lower price by signing up


JUNE 2017- Nicaragua & Costa Rica- The ultimate 9 day adventure / Culture /Service  trip!  Zip-lining, kayaking, snorkeling,  volcanos and waterfalls- and amazing (and SAFE) tour of Granada, Nicaragua visiting historic sites and boat tour of Lake Nicaragua.   We will bring school supplies to a small village school as well.  To get more information, or to sign up for this trip:   Costa Rica 2017

Sign up for Europe before October

 1st and get $200 off the total price!
JUNE 2018- European Horizons- Catch many of the great cities on this 17 day extravaganza! Ms. Adams and Ms. Whiteley are working together to bring you this incredible trip. London, Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, and more!  To get more information or to sign up for this trip:  Europe 2018

For our China Travelers: 

 Please welcome Xin's new baby boy, Castle, to the world!  

Xin was our tour director both in 2012 and 2016.  He is a great guy that we all came to love as he showed us around his country and made us feel like special guests.  


Attend the SCLA Capstone Project Expo
Monday, December 12th 


Light refreshments served 

Come see what the Class of 2017 is doing for their projects! 

Sign up to volunteer! 

Sponsor a project! 

Make a donation to a project! 

All 9th, 10th and 11th grade SCLAers are strongly encouraged to attend. 

 PAY IT FORWARD by helping with a project this year! 

*Senior Parent Meeting 6pm in the library 
 *Mentor meeting 6:30pm in the library.

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