Friday, August 23, 2013

Back in the daily grind!



SCLA is excited to begin the 2013-2014 new school year.
We know this year is going to be one of our best ever! 

 A quick overview of our students: 

Total SCLA students:  305 
Total SCLA students who open-enroll at SCHS: 104 

Breakdown by grade: 

12th: 45 students 
11th: 55 students 
10th: 90 students 
9th: 105 students 

We continue to grow which gives us an increased opportunity to do good  in our community, and give our students the chance to find their strengths, work on their weaknesses, and build skills that will benefit them for years to come.   
This program's success is a testament that schools, students, parents, teachers, businesses and communities can work together and make great things happen.  
Thank you to all of you who continue to support this program and we look forward to meeting the 105 freshmen families that have joined us!   

Upcoming events:  

Join us as we say goodbye to a wonderful summer and hello to a great new school year!  This is a fun family event. 
 Bring your lawn chairs and meet and greet SCLA teachers, ambassadors and other students and their families. 
 See the upcoming volunteer opportunities and learn more about some of the Senior Capstone Projects that you will be able to participate in! 

Monday, August 26th 7-9pm 
Sunset Pool 
$10 per family 
Potluck Dinner 

9th grade- main dish for 12 
10th grade-dessert for 12 
11th grade- bottled water, soda or gatorade- 12 pack 
12th grade- side dish for 12 

Paper products  and plasticware will be provided 

Click this link to add what you food you are bringing to the pool party! 


Wednesday August 28th
 Freshmen parents and New Students to the district: 5:30pm in the Auditorium 
All other parents: 6:00-8:00 p.m.


SCLA is part of RABC (Raptor Athletic Booster Club) 
and we have the opportunity to earn money by working concessions at some of our fall sporting events.  These are a couple hour slots for adults- but this year your student can volunteer with you! 

The dates needed are: 

9/4 Boys soccer 4-7 
9/11 Boys soccer 4-7 
9/13 Boys football - Varsity at Lyons HS 
9/24 Girls Volleyball 4:30-6:30 
9/26 Boys soccer 4-7
10/10 Girls volleyball 4:30-6:30 

To sign up for these dates, go to this link: Fall Concessions Sign Up
and SCLA is holding a space on these dates.  

If you have any questions contact Ms. Adams 


Want to go places?  

Join Ms. Adams on the adventure of a lifetime!! 

Costa Rica- Spring Break 2014 
Peru- Summer 2014 

There is still time to sign up for these amazing adventures!  

Spend 7 days during Spring Break in Costa Rica kayaking, hiking, ziplining, seeing volcanoes, amazing beaches, and sea turtles.   Work with local students and get a game of soccer in with the kids.  
This trip includes EVERYTHING including hotel, airfare and three meals a day.  PARENTS and other siblings are welcome to come along! 

Check our trip site out for more information! 

No summer plans yet?  
Join us in early June for the "Bucket-list" trip!! 

9 days in this amazing country seeing everything from amazing monasteries, marketplaces and the Sacsayhuaman Fortress to Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley of the Incas.  We will spend two days working with local villagers and students blending amazing adventure with service learning.  Parents and siblings welcome.  

Check out our PERU site for more information! 

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